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10 WordPress Trends & Predictions for 2022 & Beyond

10 WordPress Trends & Predictions for 2022 & Beyond


Are you looking for the latest WordPress trends to make an attractive website? If your answer is yes, then read this. 

Here I mention the top 10 WordPress website trends that will help you enhance your web design and functionality. 

While designing a website, everyone thinks about what is the current WordPress trends. How can they build a website that can make ranking on the SERPs easy? 

So, I decided to mention all the WordPress trends for upcoming years. These trends are suitable for every industry. In the end, a bonus tip that always keeps your website up-to-date. So let’s start. 


Let’s Explore – 10 WordPress Trends & Predictions for 2022 & Beyond


WordPress is the most popular Content Management system with huge numbers of users. They are not placed in the same categories; WordPress offers some functionality and features. But with these features, people get confused about which features they need you to add to the website. So, follow these WordPress trends, add only vital features to your website, and save time and effort.  

1. WordPress Chatbots Plugins

With chatbots, you can provide real-time functionality to solve users’ queries. Whether a solo agency or a large-scale company, You can easily establish a good relationship with your customers by installing Chatbots Plugins on your WordPress site. Additionally, chatbots can instantly respond to visitors’ queries, so you can solve many queries in real time without hiring a customer care support system. Many chatbots are available that gives you fully automated 24/7 customer care service. 

2. Multi-purpose themes

There are so many multi-purpose themes available in the market that you can use to build your site instantly. These Multi-purpose themes allow building any website with some necessary customization according to your website or business. And also, their build-in powerful tool boosts the website development process and reduces the workload. However, that is the main reason behind the rising popularity of this WordPress trend. Currently, multi-purpose themes are in high demand among users and WordPress developers. 

3. VR Optimized Themes

Virtual Reality is an innovative way to see the world. This phenomenon also works for WordPress websites. The VR Optimized WordPress themes are changing the future of web development. Currently, this feature is limited, but in the upcoming time, you can able to see this feature on almost every WordPress site. The main reason behind the popularity of this awesome WordPress trend is that “it can make your website eye catchy.” VR Optimized themes can easily grab the visitors’ attention with 3D effects.

4. White Spaces

In any WordPress minimalistic theme, white space is a vital element that helps to build a catchy Website. 

With the help of white space, you can create a simple and classy appearance for your website. The large margins between elements help in attract the users’ attention to specific elements. However, effective use of white spaces can help engage the user and enhance the clicks on the call-to-action buttons. 

5. Microinteractions

Microinteractions are short animated functions that help provide visual solutions to possible queries. Using this WordPress trend, you can easily explain many things without words. And it also helps the visitor easily understand the concepts with the help of visual explanation. You can also get help from a WordPress development agency to develop a customized micro interaction affection for your business. 

6. Video on Background

 Adding video in the header section has become the most popular trend in WordPress website design. In the WordPress plugin directory, there are many plugins available that offer you to add videos to the background of your elements. Adding video is the simplest and easiest way to add movable content in the background of any website elements. However, video background and headers are not new practices, but now it will become a WordPress trend in upcoming years. 

7. eCommerce Functionality

The eCommerce functionality is the easiest way to sell anything on the website. Currently, almost every business prefers to use the digital payment to sell their products or services online. So, if you are going to use your site for selling your products or services, then you should use this WordPress Trends. Using this, you can get the most convenient way for business transactions. You can add multiple payment options on your WordPress site to accept various payment methods from your users. 

8. Parallax Web design

Parallax web design effects are another most popular web design trends. With the help of this feature, you can provide a pleasant experience to your visitors. There are so many types of parallax effects that you can use in your WordPress websites, like parallax in elements and text or any specific corner of your website. But apart from this parallax effect in the background is become a WordPress trend. 

In the background parallax effect, you can pass big images on the website’s background, and to see another part of the image; visitors have to scroll down on the screen. 

9. Infographics

Infographics are a way of delivering informative content in the form of images. Here you can use the interactive chart, graph, elements, text, etc., to provide the information. It is widely used in global marketing, website development, newsrooms, bloggers, and students. 

10. Mobile Friendly WordPress web design

At the current time, mobile users are expanding on the mass level. And with this user growth, the online traffic source ratio is also converted. According to the research of Statista, more than 58% of online traffic only comes from mobile globally. Hence, if you want to grab the attention of mobile users, you have to make your WordPress mobile-friendly website. Moreover, due to increasing mobile users, mobile responsive website designs have become a WordPress trend everyone follows to save their traffic. 

You must follow WordPress trends for building your website in the upcoming years. Now it is time for the bonus tip. 

Bonus tip:

However, I have mentioned all the major WordPress trends you can use. But if you want to make a great site that boosts the ranking and easily grabs your audience’s attention, then understand your target audience’s requirements. There is no doubt that a requirement bears a trend. So, to create a benchmark for your industry, research your competitors and find your traffic needs. Then add all features to your WordPress Site. 

However, researching and developing a fully functional WordPress site needs lots of experienced and effort so that you can hire a WordPress development company. That know, What are the current WordPress Trends?

They can easily help you build a fully functional website for your business. Pixlogix Infotech is one of the best WordPress website development company. That helps so many businesses in creating excellent websites and portion strategies. Their amazing team of experts can ensure your business growth at reasonable prices. 

Thank you for reading – 10 WordPress Trends & Predictions for 2022 & Beyond


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