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10 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in India

India is spotted with so many mind-blowing destinations. It is easy to confuse you as what to include in the list of places to visit and what to leave out. In a way it is a pleasant circumstance to be in, because you have the suppleness in selecting your favorite endpoints in India.

Enjoy the occasion to escalate India’s geographical diversity, multifaceted and pluralistic culture, and the remarkable contrasts of its biota. Here we bring you a list of popular and top 10 tourist destinations in India in India.

Tourist Destinations in India

Munnar, Kerala

If you are willing to spend you hours in solitude, then there is no other beauty can attract you, apart from Munnar. It is sited at a highness of 6000 feet with a distance of 140 kilometres from the city of Kochi. Munnar is a mesmerizing hill station which will pull you uninterruptedly towards its own-self. The beauty of the tea gardens is something that adds on the extra cherry on the vanilla ice cream.

The hill station is rimmed by the huge green mountains, perched on a hill looks out like a valley. If you are planning to visit in winter, you will experience the strong winds that can throw you out of the mountain. The land of Munnar is like bliss, in Kerala, and one of the best tourist destinations in India.

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

The beauty of Nubra valley, lies in the fact of its tri-armed feature which is an ecstasy in itself. Located in the north-east of the blissful Ladakh at an altitude of more than 3048 metres. This valley one of the top 10 Tourist Destinations in India with comprises of the blue water bodies passing all over it- Nubra and Shyok River. View of snow filled mountains mixing with the blue sky will add upon a feeling of ‘wow’ in you.

The famous tourist attraction is the camel ride which brings in more beauty and adventure in the trip to Nubra Valley. You can enjoy the evening scroll and the incredible beauty of the valley with the sun-setting view. Like Nubra Valley, Markha Valley is also considered one of the best treks in Ladakh.

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Matheran, Maharashtra

The striking view of Matheran can be enjoyed fully from the hill top., as it is positioned in such a way in Maharashtra, one of the top 10 tourist destinations in India. In fact its real name translates to the meaning ‘ forest on the forehead’. It is the only automobile free hill station in the whole of Asia. The cleanest and greenest places of Asia counts in Matheran as one of the favorite destination of tourists.

This beautiful hill station has many vantage points, through which you can get the bird’s view of the mesmerizing nature’s beauty lies all over, surrounding it. You will experience the enchanting additional view of the Deccan plains and the Western Ghats. Important attraction of this place, adds upon the Alexander Point, Prabal Fort, and the Charlotte Lake.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

The history of Indian destinations remains incomplete without the magical pull of Key Monastery, in Himachal Pradesh. As the name suggests, still there is no spiritual call from this monastery. It is more than 100 years old, the oldest training ground for the Lamas.

It has the biggest Spiti valley which continues the chain of guiding force- maintaining the peace and stability in the region of serenity and bliss. The finest architecture of the place raises the curiosity of the visitors and the scientists at a stretch. The meditative position of Buddha has a beautiful aura in itself. Don’t miss of this place, must visit place to add up in your bucket list.


It is no longer a fringe destination among the enthusiastic travelers today. The state has the collection of some incredible mountain ridges, high hulk mountains, gurgling water bodies flowing and gushing out the valleys.

All add up the most beautiful scenario of magic among the travelers. The contrasting culture of the citizens and the flavours of their beauty will unspoilt your eye wide open. An amazing land which bound to make you believe on the diversity of India and love it even more and more.

Hampi, Karnataka

A most travel friendly location Hampi, in Karnataka, is considered as the world’s heritage of the famous temples and the ancient ruins. You will experience the beauty of the undulating terrains covered with the high heaps of giant boulders hanging dangerously from the palm groves surrounding the place.

You will also notice the banana plantations and the yellow shaded paddy fields. The sightseeing of the villages of the Hampi, Karnataka is an antique place to visit for the traveler.

Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep

The adventurous travelers of this place fell blessed to witness the natural beauty so exquisite, which is nothing less than a paradise. Positioned at the top of the coral reef island, the Kadmat is a tiny island over just 3.12 kilometres distance. The simplicity of the island and the serenity in its atmosphere will make you feel most wonderful.

Mon, Nagaland

A place of vibrantly used the mix of modern and the traditional celebration in the month of April. The celebration of Nagaland is a must witness feature of the tourists. The dances & music and the games showcase the beauty of the place along with the aim of distributing the flavour of peace of Nagas. The place of unbelievable beauty and cultural upliftment of a particular tribe.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

A land of gorgeous sunrise scene can bring in a wonderful beauty of nature, Kanchenjunga view from the Tiger hill. This place has the gothic architecture. Tea Gardens and local beer made of fermented finger millet is the beauty of the place. The peace pagoda is one of the most visited spots of those inclined towards the process of learning about Buddhism.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

In the southernmost tip of India lies the land of hidden wonders. The beauty of the place along with the merging views of Indian Ocean will awestruck you with its attractiveness. Kanyakumari temple is the most spotted view as it sparking diamond nose ring on the female deity makes it a symbol of charm.

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