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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Present in Your Class

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Present in Your Class to Get Good Grades

There’s no doubt about this, if you are regularly present during all your lectures and tutorials you’ll perform better at your university.

Online lectures and tutorials set the foundations for a great performance in your tests or exams. Just like creating a home from the scratch, if you didn’t set the foundation well, the final picture isn’t going to be resilient as it could be.

But attending classes regularly is much more than your tests. Everything you learn from your classroom contributes to a well-shaped education.

Here are some of the important 10 reasons why you should dedicate yourself to becoming the best in your class this semester.

  1. Connect with Your Peers

Attending classes allows you to interact with your peer group. Interaction with other students in class or during discussions improves your learning curve. These interactions can benefit you. Plus, it helps you make connections for study sessions and projects, and we all have school friends who become lifelong friends, don’t we?

At times you’ll feel sick and lazy to attend your classes, in that case, you can ask someone to “do my online class for me”.

  1. Subject Knowledge Matters

Active participation in the classroom aids in better and longer retention. Reading textbooks is one thing, but attending classes gives you a different perspective on the subject. A teacher always explains concepts using personal experience, examples, and case studies to further elaborate on the material and provide new insights.


  1. Application of Studies

A teacher may pose a question or lead a discussion that encourages you to think critically and make connections between concepts. It encourages you to consider the material in new ways. When you learn in this manner, you learn to apply these concepts in your daily life and develop a practical understanding rather than simply knowing the theory.


  1. Clarifying your doubts

Because you do not have complete knowledge of the subject matter when you read any textbook or reference material, many questions arise in your mind. You can spend your time reading multiple texts to find answers to your questions, or you can simply attend your classes. Live classes allow you to get immediate answers to all of your questions and a clear path forward.


  1. Reduce Your Study Time

When you just read a textbook and study, you spend more time. Because you have questions that need to be answered, which requires more reading. Simply attending classes improves your understanding of the subject matter, and clarifies your doubts. When you study your textbooks/reference materials, your retention is much better and clearer. This allows you to save time and learn more effectively.


  1. Make The Most of Your Teacher or Professor

A subject matter expert is a teacher/professor/faculty member. They have a wealth of knowledge as a result of their personal experience and interactions in a variety of forums. We can learn more from interacting with our ‘Guru’ or teachers than we can from months of experience or reading multiple books.

A teacher has always been held in high regard since the dawn of time. They are our knowledge’s aorta; with their help, we can quench our thirst for knowledge.

For you, a teacher can make or break a subject. It is still true for me. The way a teacher explains a subject and creates an environment around it facilitates learning. Furthermore, a teacher can advise you on the significance of concepts that may be relevant and should be focused on.

I am a science student, but I am interested in history because of my teacher. Her teachings left an imprint on me that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Interaction with the teacher has recently made a mark on my daughter’s learning curve. I would say during the online school phase for my little ones.


  1. Better Study Notes

Not all professors are textbook-oriented they all have their own points of view and perspectives. This additional knowledge can only be obtained by attending classes and taking notes. Taking notes is a fantastic and easier way to learn new things. Taking notes from reference books or peers will not improve your skills as much as you would like.


Attending class and taking notes will help you learn the subject matter and solidify your understanding in a much more effective way.

  1. Regularity Is Essential

When you attend classes, you establish a consistent pattern in your study schedule. If you rely on self-study or listening to recordings, you may tend to put it off, causing inconsistency in your study schedule. Attending classes aids in the maintenance of good study habits.

  1. Begin Organizing Your Life

    Clutter of any kind impairs our ability to operate efficiently, so getting organized is another way to improve your academic performance. Maintain a clean workspace and keep all of your notes and textbooks organized so that you know where everything is. Begin thinking more about time management, as this will allow you to effectively prioritize your time, freeing up time for problem subjects.

    Make a daily timetable that incorporates your school schedule, dividing your day into time slots and leaving plenty of time for studying. Allocate more time to subjects or topics that you’ve identified as being difficult; it’s possible that your underperformance in these subjects is due to a lack of time.

  2. Always Go Over Your Notes Before Beginning Your Next Class

Obviously, you must first have notes to review before you can review them. Take thorough notes in class at all times. Review your notes thoroughly before beginning each class session and before beginning a specific assignment to ensure you. Understand how to complete the assignment correctly. Reviewing your notes before each study session will help you remember important subject matter from the day and ensure that your studying is targeted and effective.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous methods for achieving good grades in middle school. However, if you want to be confident about your academic advancement in the future. It is best to implement these tips one at a time.

The main thing is to focus on the fundamentals that make learning easier. Such as the importance of being regular and getting that you need enough sleep, eating healthy, and finding a learning style that works for you. Before moving on to organizing your free time and planning how to meet your school obligations. Everything else is a plus – in any case, putting time and effort into implementing these tips will yield positive results.

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